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Designed by the Public Service ICT Community in partnership with the Irish Computer Society. Connect with CIOs, senior managers, speakers and decision-makers.

Conference Theme: Digital Government 2025

A range of expert contributors will explore key technology trends, their potential impact on what digital government services we deliver and how we will deliver those services

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Conference Venue

Radisson Blue Hotel


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
Golden Lane
Dublin 8

01 898 2900


5th of December 2018


Non-member rate includes a year’s membership.

Members rate - €150

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Non-members rate - €245

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Public Service ICT conference provides your company with unprecedented opportunities to increase your business visibility within the public sector market– The Conference exhibition area will provide a space for all sponsors to show delegates and officials everything your company has to offer.

The event is also an excellent opportunity for your company to network with government officials, IT professionals and senior executives who will be making the important IT decisions for Ireland.

To discuss Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact or +353 1 237 7720.

Download our brochure on Sponsorship Opportunities here

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