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Fellowship of the Irish Computer Society

The grade of Fellowship comprises the most senior and respected professionals in the field of Information technology.

Senior IT professionals who have displayed a significant contribution to the IT profession, the field of IT and Computing, or to Society or Industry through the application of IT, may apply for Fellowship of The Irish Computer Society.

As an ICS Fellow you are entitled to attend exclusive Fellows’ events, provide input to the Society at the highest level, and are entitled to use the designation Fellow of The Irish Computer Society (FICS). This designation is a symbol of your commitment to uphold the highest levels of IT professionalism and allows others to instantly recognise you as a leader in IT.

Applications for Fellowship must be accompanied by details of two referees familiar with your work and/or qualifications. Ideally, these should be a current or previous employer, or a current Fellow of ICS.

The following are the criteria for Fellowship, at least one of which must be met:


An ICS Fellow may be recognised and acknowledged within the IT community and wider society. They will have made a significant to the Irish Computer Society, the IT profession or its perception by the public.

Normally this individual would have a substantial record of publication and public speaking. Examples of this include:

  • Writer of several influential books within the IT world.
  • Authored several papers which advance the body of knowledge for a particular area of IT.
  • Delivered a number of public lectures on a defined IT topic.
  • Successful professional recognition for example, as a consultant, arbitrator or expert witness.


An ICS Fellow may be recognised and respected for their knowledge and expertise within a particular field, such as the development and application of a process or technique which has become widely used across the IT community.

Authority may be demonstrated by:

  • Significant work with technical or professional IT committees, professional bodies or national/international standards committees.
  • The development of a now widely used process or technique.
  • Ownership of the technical strategy and exercising authority over persons in system and organisational developments e.g. Enterprise Architect. These individuals are not subordinates directly under the applicant's control.


An ICS Fellow may be a senior IT professional with responsibility for an IT department or function. A minimum of 5 years' IT practitioner experience is required though longer is typical. Career and professional development should be clearly demonstrated, and individuals should by in a senior role for a number of years.

Some examples may be:

  • Managing large numbers of IT professionals.
  • Project managing projects of significant scale or strategic importance.
  • In higher education at a grade at least equivalent to Lecturer teaching computing at degree level.
  • In a consultancy role working for major clients on projects of significant scale or strategic importance.

ICS Fellowship FAQs

What are the criteria for Fellowship?
Fellowship is reserved for senior IT professionals with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, with an established reputation of Distinction, Authority or Seniority.

What do my referees need to do?
Referees will be sent a request to verify your work experience. This is to be completed & returned to the Irish Computer Society.

Should my referees be ICS Fellows?
While not essential, it is preferable. Referees must be at the level of professional standing equivalent to a Fellow, thus allowing them to provide a credible reference of your suitability.

Can I complete my application online?
If you are a current member of the Irish Computer Society, please Sign in and follow the link to Upgrade.

If you are not a current member, you can apply to join the at the grade of Fellow by completing the application form here.

Once you have completed the application form, please email your current CV to

How long will the application process take before a decision is made?
The length of the process is usually impacted by the speed of response of referees. Please contact your referees before applying to ensure swift processing. Your application can be processed within 2 weeks assuming we receive all necessary information.

The Application Process

  1. Identify two referees who will vouch for your work experience and professionalism.
  2. Notify your referees to expect contact from The Irish Computer Society.
  3. Complete the online application form.
    1. If you are a current member, Sign in and click the Upgrade link.
  4. Email your current CV to
  5. The member services team will:
    1. Review your application and CV and request further information if necessary.
    2. Contact your referees who must support your application.
    3. If all is in order, forward your details to a member of the Council of The Irish Computer Society who will confirm your Fellowship.
  6. A representative of the Council of The Irish Computer Society will:
    1. Review your application.
    2. May contact you for further information.
    3. Endorse or reject the application.
  7. The Member Services team will contact you to advise you of the success of your application.

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