Decide Treatment by EviCare gives patients in Norway more control

The process involved in treating any condition from a personal, emotional and administrative point of view can often be difficult for patients. EviCare is trying to simplify the process by providing Decide Treatment, an app which allows patients to be better informed and make better decisions about how their treatment is to be carried out.

The app was developed by Intersog in collaboration with the Innlandet Hospital Trust, Dips ASA, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Norweigian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services. It is hoped that it will keep patients better informed so that they can make the best decision possible.

This is done through the inclusion of pro vs. con scenarios when listing treatment options. Weighing the risks against the benefits for quality of life in such a systematic way might make patients think more critically about the treatment process. In cases where the treatment has several options available, such as bi-polar disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and many others, this technology is ideal.

As patients engage more with their treatment, they will also be providing data to doctors which will enable more targeted treatment options in the future. Øystein, a medical advisor for Dips, has developed the project from improving access to knowledge to taking patients' opinions into consideration on a more personal level, a logical and positive step.

Øystein worked with groups based in the UK, Australia and South Korea, but eventually settled on companies from Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Intersog was eventually chosen. A fully interactive prototype of the technology was developed which aimed to be as user friendly as possible towards patients of all knowledge levels, which included an attractive colour palette of white and blue. The app is expected to be launched by the end of 2015.




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