‘IT Architects deserve the same respect as other professions’

Iasa Ireland Dr Rabih Bashroush Irish Computer Society

Over 60 delegates gathered for the first IT Architects Conference in Ballsbridge last Friday, 13th June.

The conference was run by Iasa Ireland with sponsorship from the Irish Computer Society and Oracle and brought together CIOs, IT Managers and IT architects. It featured speeches and master classes from some of the top IT minds in Ireland and abroad. 
Speakers and delegates alike talked about the growing pressure and demand that IT architects are under to keep abreast of changes in technology.
Iasa President Mick Callan said, ‘IT Architects need to own their profession just like other professions do. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, these are all recognised and deservedly respected professions.  This first conference has opened the doors to a network of IT architects of all levels and specialisations in Ireland. It’s time we started being recognised too.’
Dr Rabih Bashroush from the University of East London gave a speech on energy efficiency as an architectural concern. He told delegates that by 2030 the world’s internet consumption will equal the entire energy consumption of Japan.  This comes as a new report from Cisco Systems says that video consumption of the World Cup will generate nearly as much Internet traffic as occurred in all of Australia in 2013.
The report says that video is expected to grow to 84 percent of Internet traffic in the United States by 2018 from 78 percent currently, this has raised questions about whether Internet service providers should prioritise traffic, which has become a controversial issue.
Dr Bashroush alluded to this statistic saying that the growth in video can be seen in the popularity of Psy’s viral hit ‘Gangnam Style’. To date the video has racked up 2.6 billion views between its different versions online. This is equivalent to the entire number of people who use the internet worldwide.

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