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New EU skills for SMEs study published

Digitisation of SMEs is an important and great challenge: from various evidence it is clear that SMEs are hesitant when it comes to adopting new technologies. Despite market volume or business growth opportunities, most SMEs keep lagging behind. And that is not going to help them on the long term.Cyber-risks are threatening business continuity. Companies using large amounts of data and the Internet ...

  Friday, April 3rd

COVID-19 drives leap in ePrescribing for Ireland

The HSE, GPs and pharmacists have been working for a long time on creating a safe, secure method of transferring prescriptions between prescribers, issuers and patients.The Medicinal Products (Prescription and Control of Supply) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 now allows for the electronic transfer of prescriptions to a pharmacy via an approved electronic system: the HSE's Healthmail system.In addition, the maximum period of validity of ...

  Friday, April 3rd

Digital skills in an uncertain world

Life has changed suddenly and the skills we need to cope with this new reality have changed too.By Mary Cleary, the deputy chief executive of the Irish Computer Society, which runs Tech Week.We often talk about life skills and in “normal” times, there is little disagreement on what those are.Apart from specific job-related skills, literacy, numeracy and digital skills are key, ...

  Wednesday, April 1st

87% of Ireland would share personal data to stop Coronavirus

New research indicates that the majority of Irish people would be willing to share their personal data if it meant a quicker way to defeat the Covid-19 outbreak. The research compiled by the Irish Computer Society indicates a massive 87pc of Irish people would be willing to share their personal data and medical records if it helped to solve a global pandemic like Covid-19. ...

  Wednesday, April 1st

ICS welcomes Fellow Dr Tim McCarthy