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'Dublin Declaration' on the future of computing in education

Following this summer's World Conference on Computing in Education, IFIP TC3 has released a 'Dublin Declaration' informed by the many presentations, discussions and interactions during the Conference from across the entire group of delegates.

These researchers, policy-makers, educators, and ICT practitioners in education, from five continents, met and worked together in Dublin, Ireland.

The theme of the Conference was Tomorrow’s Learning: Involving Everyone, which reflected a focal objective - to seek ways to assure the inclusiveness of technologies to support education, teaching and learning for all social groups. It is critical that teaching about computing does not replace the use of ICT to enhance learning across the curriculum. The balance between computing and ICT to enhance learning across the curriculum must be fully considered and accommodated.

Following evidence supported by keynote presentations from policy perspectives, it is recommended that national investment is needed at a level of 7% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for education, compared to the current 5.2% as the OECD average. In addition, it was commonly agreed that for any strategy or policy in the educational arena to succeed, we must bring together contributions of researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

A summary of the Dublin Declaration is available here.

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