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ICS Professional Development and Training Update

Behind the scenes at ICS we’re working hard to ensure your professional development needs can continue to be met.

Businesses across the country are dealing with new requirements and changing circumstances. Indeed, staff may need training in new methods of working or new tasks as you come to terms with the effects of this pandemic.

We understand that your training requirements may have changed, so contact us below for a friendly chat to discuss how we can help you.

We hope to soon be able to offer online delivery for our courses so please get in touch to register places on our range of courses.

We offer training in data protection, business analysis, leadership, IT asset management, IT architecture, blockchain and much more.

Our course offerings can all be tailored to your organisation and we will work with you to train your staff in the most convenient and efficient way for you.

Contact our Head of Training Claudia Delaney at or call her on 086 046 5666.

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