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Free guides to help your friends and family get online

Most of us have been keeping in touch with friends and family via the internet during the Coronavirus lockdown, but this has been a struggle for some people who are not familiar with computers and the internet.

Whether it's to make video calls with loved ones, work from home, claim support or funding from the government or understand more about Coronavirus and the restrictions on society over the past few months, the internet has proved valuable to us all. Those without the digital skills we may take for granted can be left behind.

So we'd like to share a series of clear, easy-to-understand and non-patronising guides, produced by Age Action, that you can pass on, not just to older people, but anyone who needs support and encouragement to get online.

The guides include:

Getting started with computers

Using a search engine

How to use an iPad

How to use an iPhone

How to use an Android smartphone

How to use an Android tablet

How to use the Births, Marriage and Death Notices website

A guide to Windows 10

View the guides on the Age Action website here.

Further learning: digital skills courses

ICS Foundation, our charity arm, receives funding from the Government to provide free basic digital skills training to non-liners. These courses run in libraries, community centres, training centres and schools across the country.

The in-person courses offer the personal touch to help overcome any fear of getting online and allow for flexibility in addressing the particular needs and preferences identified by the trainees.

Get in touch with your nearest training centre on the Government website to find out when courses will be starting back up again.

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