Cyber Resilience Sungard AS Briefing Slides Available

Thank you on behalf of Sungard AS to those who attended the cyber resilience briefing on 3 December 2019. We hope you enjoyed it.

Cyber attacks come in many different forms, and far from being aimed solely at the operation of the business, cyber criminals aim to cause a great deal of reputational and financial impact on their targets. 

Delegates from the Cyber Resilience Briefing, held at the Irish Computer Society last week, learnt some of the risks businesses are facing from cyber-attacks and measures that can be put into place to help their businesses.

The event also covered:

  • Recognising how long it can take a business to learn it is under attack
  • Understanding the importance of the human element in preventing an attack
  • How technology can play a part in improving your cyber resilience

If you were not one of the attendees at the show, or if you were and want to view the slides again, we invite you to get a taste of the event by downloading the slides from the briefing in Dublin. The slides contain content from the presentations delivered.

View the Sungard AS webpage here where you can download the slides.

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