ICS CEO thanks the IT community for their tireless work keeping Ireland connected

ICS CEO Jim Friars today urges the Irish public to think about the dedication of IT workers across the country who are keeping us all connected.

Mr Friars began, “The world is coming to terms with a new reality, as country borders are closed and unprecedented peace-time measures are enacted by governments across the globe during this Covid-19 pandemic.

“Healthcare and other frontline workers are risking their lives and working with every ounce of energy they have to keep us safe and protect our most vulnerable members of society. We want to thank the emergency services and healthcare staff working to keep our country and world safe.

“At this time, we, as the Irish Computer Society, also want to take a moment to think about all IT staff working tirelessly around the clock to protect us too. Their hard work ensures that healthcare staff have access to the digital systems, data and information they need to understand the spread of Covid-19, combat the virus and save many lives.

“IT staff are also ensuring that those of us who are able to work from home can do so and children can continue their studies as much as possible. They are working to ensure continuity of internet access, phone lines and specialist software to enable society and the economy to keep going in as many ways possible. In this way, there are less of us on the roads and this social distancing will keep those who cannot work from home safer. Economic losses can also be minimised.

“IT staff are ensuring that you can contact loved ones across Ireland and abroad to keep in touch when you aren’t able to visit. They’re ensuring we can order groceries and other necessary goods online to help us keep going.

“We often hear about how technology has made us more stressed and impacted on our lives in many ways. But when you take a step back to realise in how many ways IT has improved communication and advanced our society, you realise how vital our digital world is to keeping us safe in the 21st century. IT workers make all of these things possible.

“Digital services are being tested like never before, with huge strain on connections and software, but IT staff, like many who perform a vital role, don’t always like a fuss. They often work late into the night or through the weekend and yet they’re often behind the scenes.

“Well right now, we want to applaud all IT workers. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication in helping to keep the world going. On behalf of myself and everyone at ICS, thank you."

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