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The IT Professionalism Framework

The IT Professionalism Framework consists of four building blocks

You can click on each building block to learn more. An introduction is provided below.

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Fostering the IT Profession

The extent to which IT is embedded in our lives is inevitably growing. The physical and digital world are blurring, imposing challenges on us as regards personal privacy, data security and even our personal relationships. If we fail to take steps to mature the IT profession, it is likely that the risks to society from IT will grow to unacceptable levels.

The IT profession is relatively young and maturing the profession will undoubtedly take time, but the time for engagement and action is now. Obtaining the status of a profession requires professional bodies to set suitable standards of knowledge and codes of conduct.


A European IT Professionalism Framework consisting of four building blocks

Standardising is a means to further mature a profession. This is also the direction that the European Commission and stakeholders are following: the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) evolved into a European Standard (EN 16234-1), and the ambition is to do more. The first comprehensive European IT Professionalism Framework should provide a standard that includes not only competences, but also other essentials for any IT professional: knowledge, ethics, and education and certification.

The Framework is a reference model, intended to both systematise and synthesise the corpus of concepts developed and the lessons learned from the experiences in the IT domain. It aims to evolve dynamically with the surrounding eco-system.

The European Framework for IT Profession is user-centric and offers value in each stage of the IT professional’s career path.

The EU framework for the IT profession is intended as a comprehensive guide to orient and support IT practitioners throughout the professional life cycle, from graduation to senior roles in industry. Therefore, the integrated components of the framework (Body of Knowledge, Competences, Education and Ethics) should not be considered in isolation but in synergy with each other and interacting with the surrounding and continuously evolving IT-ecology.


Overview of the most important publications


Final report

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