New course in Software Asset Management (SAM) helps companies in the license jungle

Purchasing and managing software licenses in large IT environments is no longer a simple task. That's why ICS and itSMF Ireland have partnered with ITAMOrg's to offer certified Software Asset Management (SAM) training for the first time in Ireland.

The course, which is the first of its kind in Europe, helps the participants to deal with the pitfalls and issues they face when handling licensing requirements, procurement and audit control. Developed in Denmark, major Danish companies such as Arla, Coop and DFK have successfully implemented SAM to deliver major savings and efficiencies.

One of the nation's largest public IT environments, the Prison and Probation Service (DFK), counts among the first participants. With more than 8,000 IT users, having an understanding of the proper license management is the alpha and omega to minimize risks and achieve the benefits of potential savings:

"The course is highly relevant. Here you are raised far above the general level and are reviewing processes, that can be used in relation to any product portfolios and not just one single area. It is a course I've been looking for a long time and certainly a course that more people can benefit from", said Peder Kornmaaler, responsible for contract and license management at DFK.

The course gives businesses insight into the risks, obvious savings areas and an understanding of the processes that are crucial to the success of Software Asset Management

DFK have implemented major changes in the organization since the course, ranging from stricter documentation procedures to a tightly managed procurement. 

"The course has given me a great understanding of the entire process needed to be set up to get control over your licenses. I've really got a lot of good input back with me to help initiate specific actions", said Peder Kornmaaler, Contract and License Management, DFK

Nina Agerlin, Configuration Manager at Coop one of Denmark's largest online retailers, has also completed training in order to gain a deeper understanding of the SAM and the optimization areas she can implement: 

"I was very surprised at how complex license management is and I've got an insight into what I should be aware of in my organization. Both in terms of improvement areas and the risks one faces without the right focus on license management."

Trainers at ITAMOrg have many years of experience in advising businesses to navigate the suppliers' complex license terms. Once a company faces an audit, it can get really expensive if you do not have a sufficient knowledge of the requirements for license management. 

"You must have great respect for the software vendors' audit control. It's probably not fun to be in a situation where you have to legitimize a huge million euro bill to the business. And that expense is often not covered for in the existing budgets. "  This makes heavy demands on the organization, which must take a critical look inward and decide if license management has the right focus.

"The course has made me able to ask the right questions regarding our organization. Where are we today and where do we want to be? What does it take to get there? " 

Nina Agerlin, Configuration Manager, COOP

Arla, another major Danish organisation have also benefited from the SAM course: "I have been on many courses and I certainly think that this was among the very best. Now I can point out the areas we must focus on at Arla to minimize risk while gaining an economical benefit", said Jan Lynge Jakobsen, license manager at ARLA. 

"License Management requires that senior management have a great understanding of Software Asset Management and the importance of strict software license management. I would definitely recommend others to take the SAM training by ITAMOrg." 

Jan Lynge Jakobsen, License Manager, Arla

You can find out more about the Software Asset Management course details here.

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