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ICS leading the way in EU Digiframe report

The report on “High-Tech Skills for Industry– Increasing the EU’s talent pool and promoting the highest quality standards in support of digital transformation” has been released by the European Commission. It was co-authored by Capgemini, IDC and empirica and provides an overview of the Digital Capability Reference Framework, or ‘Digiframe’, that was presented on November 15, 2018 in Brussels at the “European Skills Conference, Digital Transformation and IT Professionalism”. 

ICS is commended in the report for its leadership in pioneering Europe's first CPD system for IT professionals - CareerPlus

‘The IT profession is growing faster than ever before, and we need to constantly focus on further maturing the profession’,  according to Jim Friars, CEO of the Irish Computer Society. He continues: ‘Many professionals have careers with IT elements, but a profession has well-defined criteria such as a code of ethics, an established body of knowledge, continuous professional development, and a set of competences. 

I believe IT is establishing its own identity through a competence-based approach,using for instance the e-Competence Framework. In Ireland, CareerPlus, our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system will help us to map the skills of the IT workforce. It benefits both the employer and the professional in facilitating the timely acquisition of skills with a view to creating business value. But it will also feed back into the education sector, where those skills gaps can be addressed directly through the design of curricula and syllabi to meet industry needs.’

Also speaking in the report Damien O’Sullivan, Chief Executive at the ECDL Foundation & ITPE, emphasised the importance of importance of profesionalising the IT workforce.: ‘There is a clear need to develop and mature the IT profession and improve its status in Europe, in the context of and with the support of major EU policies. This ITPE Declaration is a call to action in order to advance IT professionalism in Europe.’

The key aim of the report is to present how enterprises can increase their digital capability and how Digiframe can provide the needed approach for mapping talent and capabilities. The report sharply defines growing demand for specialist IT skills and features case studies on a number of programmes including the use IT-CMF at Expleo, ICS corporate members.

See the full report

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