EU Web Accessibility Update

We are now half way through our EU Web accessibility Directive Training series with National Disability Authority having completed three of the information and training sessions, which have collectively seen over 500 attendees. If you have not been able to attend the session you can now access the recordings of all three sessions here: 

Session 1: 
Recording  - An Introduction to the EU Web Accessibility Directive
Slides - EU Web Accessibility 1st Info Seminar Slides

Session 2: 
Recording - An Introduction to the Web Accessibility in practise
Slides - EU Web Accessibility 1st Training Session Slides 

Session 3:
Recording - The EU Web Accessibility Directive – Reviewing your website compliance 
Slides - EU Web Accessibility 2nd Info Seminar Slides

Session 4: 
Recording - The EU Web Accessibility Directive – creating accessible digital content
Slides - EU Web Accessibility 3rd Info Seminar Slides 

Session 5: 
Recording - The EU Web Accessibility Directive – Understanding Accessibility Evaluations and Testing Results
Slides - EU Web Accessibility 2nd Training Session Slide

There is one session remaining in the series which you can sign up for here: 

Accessibility for Copywriters - 9th December @ 10.30am 

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