Meet the IT Architect - Interview with Roger Stoffers, Enterprise Architect at the Volksbank

Translating business strategies and processes to deliver core functionality to fulfill capability needs is a at the core of being an Enterprise Architect according Roger Stoffers at Volksbank. The video was made by Iasa Global, the international body of which Iasa Ireland is a member.

The video offers interesting thoughts on the myth of digital transformation being something new (isn't it what enterprise architects have always done after all?) and whether IT is part of the business or not. Roger suggests that the trick may be to 'make IT a friend to the business' and to forget about technical discussions and focus on requirements. With clear requirements there's no need for talking about the details of the technical solution.

With a focus on Domain Driven Design, clear methodology and a focus on delivering value by coordinating capabilities the video is full of insight on the role of a modern IT Architect.

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