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Blockchain Ireland joins forces with the Irish Computer Society

The Irish Computer Society is proud to welcome the Blockchain Association of Ireland to its network of supported member bodies. The Association joins itSMF Ireland, HISI, Iasa Ireland, ADPO and the Business Analyst Association of Ireland to provide expert knowledge on blockchain technologies to its members.

Membership of Blockchain Ireland is free to existing members of ICS and all of its supported member bodies or €150 for new members.

The Blockchain Association of Ireland began as an informal think tank comprised of an eclectic panel of academics, programmers, bitcoin entrepreneurs, journalists, philosophers, cryptographers and financial professionals.

Organised and joined together via the Coding Value Project and Quinn Business School in University College Dublin, in 2016 the founders formalised a non-profit and member-led entity to act as a neutral meeting point for like-minded and interested individuals.

The Association was the first of very few Blockchain Associations in the world to formalise. Since then the professional membership base has grown to represent Ireland across the world at blockchain events to promote Ireland’s thought leadership in this space. What began as a small gathering, the Association now runs regular meetups that attract over 100 participants at each event. In 2017 the Association curated a stage at Techconnect where due to overwhelming demand there was standing room only at the talks. 

“We very much look forward to the amalgamation with the ICS to take the Association to its next phase of success under the leadership of Jim Friars and the ICS team”, said Reuben Godfrey and Stuart King founding directors of the Association.

“I returned to Ireland some time ago and found it difficult to find likeminded people in the blockchain space. It is tremendously rewarding to see the Association grow from strength to strength since its humble beginning”, said Reuben.

“It was very refreshing to be part of the think tank to explore what at the time was a technology little understood in Ireland and abroad. There is something very special about the bond made between the founding members”, said Stuart

Reuben and Stuart will continue to be actively involved in Blockchain Ireland via a newly formed committee maintained within the ICS. ICS CEO, Jim Friars said, “Blockchain is a foundational technology, like TCP/IP, which enables the Internet. And much like the Internet in the late 1990s, we don’t know exactly how blockchain applications will evolve.”

“We want blockchain technologies to be allowed to grow; to find new creative, agile solutions. By nature it is a disruptive technology so it is important we recognise the difference between the platform and the applications that run on it. TCP/IP empowers numerous financial applications that are regulated, but TCP/IP is not regulated as a financial instrument.”

“The novelty and elegance of blockchain is that it does away with the need for a central authority to verify trust and the transfer of value. It transfers power and control from large entities to the many, enabling safe, fast, cheaper transactions despite the fact that we may not know the entities we are dealing with. Blockchain essentially removes the middle-men. There are many examples of value transfer that are critical – currently very slow and expensive - such as property transfer, wire transfer fees, third party financial auditing, contract execution, etc. It is a lot more than just bitcoin.”

“Blockchain Ireland bring real expertise in this new technology and recognise the importance of having a strong member body to support and share their work. We believe the 50 years’ experience that ICS brings in establishing ethics, codes of practice and skillsets will help the Blockchain Association of Ireland to grow and ultimately for Ireland be a world leader in the proper use of this technology, said Mr Friars.”

The first event for the new partnership will be for the BAI to host a half-day conference on 21 March at the Irish Computer Society, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

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