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ICS Fellows are some of the most senior and respected professionals in the field of IT. To be awarded this grade you’ll have to display a significant contribution to the IT profession, industry or society. You’ll also have to be nominated by someone

Meet some of our fellows.

Kevin Cooney, Xilinx

Kevin Cooney

- Distinguished Fellow
Senior VP and Managing Director, Xilinx EMEA, Global CIO
Ashling Cunningham, ERVIA

Ashling Cunningham

- Fellow
CIO, Ervia
Colm Gartlan, Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, CIO Advisory Board Chairperson

Colm Gartlan

- Fellow
IT Director, Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, CIO Advisory Board Chairperson
Matt Lemon, Associate Partner, IBM

Matt Lemon

- Chartered Fellow
Associate Partner, IBM
Man Fung Lo, Allianz

Eleanor O'Neill

- Fellow
Senior Director, IT Mergers & Acquisitions, Symantec


  • When you become a Fellow, you will be entitled to join exclusive Fellows’ events, provide input to the ICS at the highest level and are entitled to use the designation Fellow of the Irish Computer Society (FICS).
  • Our Fellows help us to promote professionalism and high standards within IT, share their expertise and raise awareness of the benefits of membership of ICS.
  • It’s proof you’re one of the best in the business at what you do

Nominations for Fellowship

  • Distinction
  • A Fellow demonstrating distinction would have a substantial record of publication or public speaking.
    For example:

  •    Authoring several books or papers to advance knowledge for a particular area of IT
  •    Delivering a number of public lectures on an IT topic
  •    Successful professional recognition such as, a consultant, arbitrator or expert witness
  • Authority
  • A Fellow demonstrating authority would be recognised and respected for their expertise in a particular field.
    For example:
  •    Significant work with IT committees, professional bodies or standards committees
  •    Development of a now widely used process or technique
  •    Ownership of a technical strategy or role as an Enterprise Architect.
  • Seniority
  • A Fellow demonstrating seniority would have professional responsibility for an IT department or function in a senior role for a number of years. For example:
  •    Managing large numbers of staff or large scale or strategically important projects
  •    Senior computing lecturer or equivalent in higher education
  •    Working as a consultant for major clients on large scale or strategically important projects

How to nominate someone

In order to nominate someone for Fellowship, you will need to get in touch with us at