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Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status

Chartered IT Professional is the independent standard of competence and professionalism in the technology industry. ICS is the only awarding body of CITP status in Ireland.

  • Benchmark your knowledge and skills against the recognised industry standard
  • Demonstrate your current competence to clients and employers, and the value you bring
  • Set yourself apart as a highly-skilled IT professional with a place on the public CITP register
  • Help to raise the profile of your profession and play a part in shaping its development

Is CITP for me?

You're ready to become CITP if you are:

  • engaged in challenging and complex activities across the business
  • in a position of influence and responsibility
  • committed to continuing your professional development

You will be assessed against the criteria set out in the CITP standard which you can find here.

    You’ll need to submit a series of statements describing your experience under the headings of autonomy, influence, complexity of work, and business skills. You’ll also be asked to upload your CV and provide information demonstrating your breadth of knowledge across the IT profession.

    Here's a useful guide from the British Computer Society to completing your application.

    Your supporter could be an employer, client or colleague. They’ll need to work at your level or above, and be able to offer a reliable opinion of your knowledge and experience. We'll ask them to review your application before confirming their support.

    After we’ve assessed your application and your supporter has responded, you'll be invited to meet with two of our Irish-based chartered assessors online. You'll need to give a 10-minute presentation to bring your professional competence to life, and our assessors will ask questions to verify your knowledge and competence. The meeting usually lasts an hour.

    Public register

    Confirm your place among the most influential IT professionals in the industry by appearing in the public register of Chartered IT Professionals. You can find this register here.

    Certificate of current competence

    On registration, you’re awarded a certificate of current competence which is valid for five years. To extend your certificate after the initial five-year period, you’ll be invited to submit evidence of your CPD and continued competence in your specialist area.

    Get involved

    Your knowledge, experience and opinion are valuable commodities which you can invest in ICS to support your CPD as well as the development of our industry.

    Mentoring - inspiring another person and seeing them progress and benefit from your knowledge and insight is a hugely rewarding experience.

    Volunteering - grow your professional network, and the profile of your field, by taking an active role in the running of our membership community. You could join a committee of one of our associated societies, or apply for Fellowship.

  • What does it cost?
  • One-off application fee: €200 for direct entrants (non-members). The fee is €100 for current ICS members and both fee levels include your first year’s membership subscription.

    If initial assessment of your application is unsuccessful, you’ll be refunded in full.

  • How can I find out more?

    You can read more on our CITP pages here.

Karen Forte, Allianz