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Scratch programming and Numeracy in Senior Primary Classes (NCTE/Lero)



Duration: 20 hours (9am - 1.30m)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Sector: Primary
Target Audience: Primary teachers of 4th, 5th and 6th classes
Prerequisites: Intermediate level ICT skills and experience of using the internet


Course Objectives

Participants will be enabled to:

  • Use Scratch programming to support the teaching and learning of the primary maths curriculum covering algebra, number, shape and space, measures and data
  • Use Scratch programming to support the development of problem solving skills
  • Develop a numeracy project using Scratch
  • Develop lesson outlines for classroom use of Scratch
  • Describe how Scratch can be used to support other curricular areas
  • Develop an e-Learning action plan describing how they will use Scratch to support numeracy development

Click here for an article on Scratch published in April's InTouch magazine.

Course Content

There are 5 modules in this course.

Module 1: Introduction to Scratch programming, websites and resources available

This module covers the basic concepts of Scratch programming and its uses in the primary classroom in particular to support the skills and content of the mathematics curriculum. Participants start to write their first Scratch programme.

Module 2: Scratch Concepts and classroom application

Some of the mathematical Scratch concepts are introduced, including the use of Scratch operators (“round” to round numbers). Discussion on the use of Scratch programming to support number, place value, shape & space takes place.

Module 3: Putting Scratch Concepts Together

In this module participants commence the development of numeracy focussed Scratch projects and lesson activities which incorporate images and sounds. The use of Scratch across the curriculum is explored.

Module 4: Scratch Concepts continued

More on Scratch concepts, how they support the mathematics curriculum and how to demonstrate patterns and sequences in an innovative way using Scratch.

Module 5: Planning for effective use of ICT

Participants finalise and share their project and lesson activities for use in the classroom which focus on numeracy development. The application of Scratch across other curricular areas and how to get started with Scratch in the classroom is discussed.  Participants are introduced to the e-Learning Action plan as part of the whole school planning process for e-Learning and create an e-Learning action plan for numeracy development.

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