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Records Management- Introductory and intermediate courses


Records Management Training Seminar

The Irish Computer Society is delighted to present two new half-day Records Management training programmes.   These courses have been designed to ensure that candidates are given practical tools for information management that can be transferred to their organisations to assist them in managing their records.  These tools will be in line with best practice guidelines.  It will provide attendees with the correct terminology to address their current Records Management issues.  Providing candidates with the knowledge to maximise their return on investment by ensuring that their cost are reduced by implementing retention schedules and giving them the tools to compare both onsite and offsite storage options.

We have developed these courses to assist professionals charged with developing and incorporating an effective Records Management Programme.  The training course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to implement Best Practice Records Management policies and procedures.  It will provide the tools for participants to develop a systematic approach to managing paper and electronic records.  This workshop training course will cover the critical elements of an effective Records Management Programme.

What is Record Management?

Records management is the systematic control of an organisation's records throughout their life cycle, in order to meet operational business needs, statutory and fiscal requirements, and community expectations. Effective management of corporate information allows fast, accurate and reliable access to records, ensuring the timely destruction of redundant information and the identification and protection of vital and historically important records.

Who should undertake this Course?

It is aimed at all those involved in the processing, storage and management of information, including; Direct Marketing Professionals, Healthcare Employees, Legal Workers, and Human Resource Staff, Archivists, National Archives Certifying Officers, Data Protection Officers, FOI Officers, Information and Records Managers, Knowledge Managers, Office Managers, Compliance Officers, Business Analysts, IT Management, Technical staff, Record Management personnel, Business Unit (line staff & management), Implementation Team - IT and Business, Suppliers, Solution Providers, Vendors, Executive, Change Agents and Users.

The training will be particularly beneficial to individuals who have specific responsibility for ensuring an organisation’s compliance with Records Management legislation. These include compliance and audit managers, and information security professionals.

Course Aims

The programme aims to develop an understanding of Records Management and how to implement cost saving and risk reducing programmes such as retention schedules and how to evaluate offsite storage providers to ensure that your organisation will get value for money.  It will also encompass getting ready for EDRMS and managing existing systems.

Upon completion of the course, candidates will have an appreciation of how Ireland’s records management laws work.  They will also understand the industry terminology and they will be given the tools and knowledge on how to compare offsite storage vendors and reduce the volumes of records held.

The training will assist organisations in meeting their obligations under records management legislation. In addition, the accredited, certified in-house Records Management expertise will enhance public confidence in the organisation.

Course Fee

The course fee is €450 for both sessions or €250 for an individual session. This fee includes course materials, lunch and refreshments on the day.

Reduced rates are available for ICS members €360 for the two sessions | €200 for one session  , multiple bookings, or where courses are hosted on-site.

Programme Schedule

The programme will be offered by ICS Skills at its Dublin 2 headquarters and at a number of venues nationwide.

Upcoming dates:

Please refer to the ICS Skills web-site for the current listing of course dates (

ICS Skills also offers the Data Protection ‘Essentials’ course as a one-day introduction to the Data Protection legislation. Check our web-site for further details.

Course Syllabus - Introduction to Records Management - Morning Session

Section    Knowledge Area    Description

Introduction to Records Management    Overview of Records Management    Explain the;

•    Principles of information management and records keeping design

•    Principal tools for managing records

•    Purpose, roles, types and standards for records management metadata

•    Legislation in Ireland and UK that is applicable

Definitions    Records



BCS/ File Plan

Records Management

Records Manager



Knowledge Manager

ISO15489, DIRKS, MoReq/MoReq2

•    Provide definitions for key terms within Records Management

•    Define the differences between an Archivist and Records Manager, discuss their dual role in Ireland

•    Define the key standards within the Records Management field both National and International

•    Define the role of the National Archives

Tools for managing records    Organisation and storage    •    Range of systems and tools to management records efficiently and effectively

Quantifying your volumes of Records and understanding your requirements    Volumetric     •    Explain cubic feet, linear feet etc.

•    Different Box Sizes

•    Amount of records that will fit into a box

•    Average amounts of records

•    Storage units

Choosing an offsite storage vendor    Examine the different service offerings of offsite and onsite storage vendors    •    Compare and contrast current vendors

•    Examine the different services offered

•    Compare invoices to ascertain the differences based on the information learned earlier

Intermediate Records Management - Afternoon Session

Section    Knowledge Area    Description

Identifying and understanding the Culture in your Organisations to ensure project success    For any Records Management System to succeed it will be influenced by the culture in the organisation    •    Types of Culture

•    Identify how to manage each one to ensure your project is successful

Creating a Business Classification Scheme (BCS) and File Plan    To lay out and create a BCS or a File Plan    •    Definition of a BCS and File Plan

•    Function and activity model

•    Layout of the actual model

•    Fill and create a classification scheme

•    Demonstration on a.k.a.®

Creating a Retention Schedule    To create a retention schedule applicable to your organisation    •    Starting point

•    Information audit

•    Creation of a Retention Schedule

Deciding on what solutions to implement


Comparing EDRMS Solutions    •    EDRMS types

•    Features

•    Comparison of each

•    Matching your requirements with a solution


Dorothy Quinn MSc RM BSc Econ| Professional Services Consultant | Irish Computer Society  / ICS Skills

Registration & Refreshments: 08.30am

This Seminar will start promptly at: 09.00am

The course fee is €450 for both sessions or €250 for an individual session. This fee includes course materials, lunch and refreshments on the day.

Reduced rates are available for ICS members €360 for the two sessions | €200 for one session

Please note:
**Attendees must register prior to this event!

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