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The IT Professionalism Conference 2021

The IT Professionalism Conference 2021 will take place over 3 half-day online sessions from April 20th to April 22nd. The event will be co-hosted by IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE), eSkills Malta Foundation, and Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

This event will encompass a wide range of topics of importance to both young and experienced IT professionals and practitioners. The conference will feature various European initiatives, ideas, and projects relating to software and blockchain. This year's event will also focus on what it means to become an IT Professional – particularly for young people preparing for an IT career.

April 20th – ‘The Challenge of Professionalism in Europe and Beyond’ – we will hear from representatives of the Commission on the latest EU policies related to IT professionalism. The panel discussion will feature speakers from different parts of the world sharing their experiences on the topic.

April 21st – ‘IT Professionalism in Practice’  – we will focus on tackling skills gaps in the sectors of software and blockchain.

April 22nd – ‘Becoming an IT Professional’ - Are you studying to work in IT? Or are you considering choosing this career path? Then this day is for you. During the panel discussion, experiences and skills needed to start a career in IT will be discussed. We will also hold a ‘CV clinic’, exploring how to improve your application. Send us your CV and cover letter and get live feedback during the event.

See the full programme and register on the IT Professionalism Website!

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