Ransomware Uncovered Specialist Certificate

Business level training in relation to understanding the cyber risks related to Ransomware. Learn how about the underground economy of cybercriminals operate, the mechanics of ransonware, how to defend your business and respond to an attack.

This is a non-technical workshop outlining:


·      Cyber Threat Landscape

·      Impact of Covid on Cyber Threats

·      Underground Economy of Cybercriminals

·      The Cyber Kill Chain

·      The Illusion of Cybersecurity

·      Ransomware Background

·      Delivery Channels of Ransomware

·      The Mechanics of Ransomware

·      TO Pay or NOT to Pay Ransoms

·      Psychological Tactics of Ransomware Criminals

·      Ransomware Threat Evolving

·      Ransomware Reality Today

·      Defending Against Ransomware

·      Leveraging NIST Cyber Security Framework

·      Responding to a Ransomware Attack

·      Be Prepared NOT Scared!

This course is self paced learning, accessible anytime.

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