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Member Webinar: Cybergeddon - The Inquest

Cyber-attacks are now becoming more destructive and can take a company down to its bones and beyond leaving IT teams scratching their heads on how to recover and what to recover first, while the Business bosses are losing revenue and have increasing costs. Join us to see what happens and the intricacies and complexities and politics that happen when there is an outage and understand the imperative and difficulty of recovery.

Speaker profile: Felicity March - Security and Resilience Director, Europe at IBM

Flick (Felicity) has spent her life immersed in technology and is passionate about ensuring the world builds Resilience right into the core of Technology and Services. She strives to ensure companies can ensure they can "maintain core purpose and integrity under duress" which has become especially important since the arrival of the Pandemic. 

Flick is skilled in Business Continuity, Resilience and majors in Cyber Resilience, and she fully understands the importance of the need for rapid transformation into the Digital World as well as the risks of not having services available and has been supporting many businesses during this Pandemic. 

She started her career as a hacker, and has worked for technology giants for over 30 years, in that time she has worked and advised Companies, Governments and Standards bodies on the emerging IT trends and she works to ensure integrity and sustainability is baked into the heart of IT.

Flick has a wealth of expertise and experience throughout her career and her insights and perspective are refreshing. She also is an advocate of driving STEM skills in to the younger generation and is an active mentor and coach to the next generation of technologists. This year she won the Women in IT, Security Champion of the Year due to her diligence and focus on Resilience.

She also is passionate about Personal Resilience, and is a qualified Mental Health First Aider supporting her work colleagues, she lives in Winchester with her family, three dogs and not enough motorbikes! 

Please note that this webinar will take place on the Zoom platform.

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4th Mar (Thu)


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