IT Architects Conference 2020

The IT Architects Conference will be hosted online on the 14th of December 2020.

The theme of the IASA Conference 2020 is Governance in a changing world:

Decision making and compliancy with governance processes are compelling skills for IT Architects. In today's fast paced and highly demanding business landscape, how do IT Architects handle change and the need to respect or indeed support governance across a wide variety of industries in a globalised and rapidly evolving world? 

The conference’s programme includes presentations from 5 expert and engaging speakers and 2 panel discussions, during which we will invite our attendees to ask questions to our presenters and to take part in the conversation.

In line with the theme Governance in a Changing World, our speakers will dive deep into web accessibility, universal design and architectural decision points, and they will address current topics like the architectural challenges behind the Covid tracker and the ethical use of personal data in response to Covid-19. 

Check the conference agenda and book your place here.

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