European Certified Data Protection Officer (ECDPO ) Autumn 2021 - Online Delivery

Please note: This course will be delivered online - 9,30am - 1pm

Gain valuable insight into the EU General Data Protection Regulations from multiple perspectives with our comprehensive Advanced Data Protection suite leading to full certification through the ICS European Certified Data Protection Officer Programme (ECDPO).

Following the feedback from the National Data Protection Conference, the Irish Computer Society, along with the Association of Data Protection Officers, have developed a suite of Advanced Data Protection courses which may be taken individually or as a pathway to achieving Certified Data Protection Officer accreditation.

The programme is delivered over a period of up to two years (minimum six months). Candidates are required to complete at least six modules from a choice of eight specially tailored Advanced Data Protection modules:

  • ECDPO 1 - GDPR Fundamentals
  • ECDPO 2 - Subject Access Requests
  • ECDPO 3 - Data Protection Impact Assessment’
  • ECDPO 4 - Managing a Data Breach
  • ECDPO 5 - How to conduct a Data Protection Audit
  • ECDPO 6 - Data Governance & Accountability
  • ECDPO 7 - Understanding Data Protection by Design
  • ECDPO 8 - Records & Policy Management

  • As ‘Advanced’ courses, they move beyond core legislation and terminology, examining in greater detail the issues that impact your organisation daily. Content is highly focused, practical and relevant to current data protection concerns, particularly the impact the EU GDPR will have on your organisation.

    Who should attend

    The ECDPO programme is ideally suited to anyone currently fulfilling a Data Protection Officer role within an organisation or looking to develop a career in Data Protection. Candidates are expected to have at least a working knowledge of current Data Protection & Privacy legislation in order to ultimately achieve "expert level knowledge" (as specified by EUGDPR) and hold an accredited Data Protection Practitioner Certificate qualification.

    Courses are aimed at individuals responsible for ensuring that their organisation is compliant with data protection and privacy law. This includes Data Protection Officers, IT Managers or Directors, Human Resources Managers, Heads of Compliance, Operations Managers, Risk Managers, etc. The programme is particularly relevant for individuals who require a broader perspective on the EU GDPR, such as those responsible for policy implementation, or anyone that processes a large amount of personal data (financial institutions, charities, universities, government departments, etc.).

    Please note, candidates are expected to have at least a working knowledge of current Data Protection & Privacy legislation and hold an accredited Data Protection Practitioner Certificate qualification or equivalent.

    What you will learn

    ECDPO 1 - GDPR Fundamentals

    This 1-day advanced course provides participants with a detailed insight into the main provisions of EU GDPR, as well as practical guidance on what organisations should start doing to ensure that they are prepared for the changes.

    • An overview of Irish data protection legislation and the regulation
    • Rights of the Data Subject, Data Breach Notification, Codes of Conduct
    • The role of the supervisory Authority and the Supervisory Board
    • Data Profiling, Anonymisation, Pseudonymisation
    • Processing, consent, legitimate business interest
    • International data transfers
    • Infringements and penalties

    ECDPO 2 - Subject Access Requests

    We all have a right to request a copy of all information an organisation retains about us, provided the data exists. This is known as a Subject Access Request (SAR).

    This 1-day advanced course covers all aspects of Subject Access Requests including how a SAR is defined, how to respond to a request, what legal obligations an organisation has, and how to respond efficiently. In particular, it covers how SARs have changed under the latest Regulation.

    • Subject Access Request features and definitions
    • Processing, exceptions, SAR complaints
    • Enforced Subject Access
    • Data portability
    • SAR complexities and best practices

    ECDPO 3 - Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

    This 1-day advanced course thoroughly outlines how to develop and implement a Privacy Risk Impact Assessment (also known as a 'Data Protection Impact Assessment'), monitor outcomes and take corrective action if needed. It teaches organisations how to identify and resolve issues early, reduce costs and potentially mitigate reputational damage.

    • Provisions of the latest Regulation relating to Privacy
    • DPIA roles, responsibilities, procedures
    • Conducting a DPIA from the ground up
    • Privacy by design/default, risk-based approaches, monitoring outcomes, error correction & more

    ECDPO 4 - Managing a Data Breach

    Data Breaches are an increasingly common occurance. Your organisation's likelihood of a data breach occurring only increases over time. While not inevitable, building contingency for a data breach is an investment in the future safety of your organisation's data and reputation.

    This 1-day advanced course covers the main factors which may lead to a data breach and a process to follow in the event of occurance.

    ECDPO 5 - How to conduct a Data Protection Audit

    The ability to conduct your own Data Protection Audits is an invaluable skill when ensuring your organisation's level of data protection compliance.

    This 1-day advanced course covers the areas which your organisation should monitor on a regular basis and your readiness in the event of an audit by the Data Protection Commissioner's Office.

    ECDPO  6 - Data Governance & Accountability

    While Data Protection legislation may claim to be universal, it is clear that some sectors need to tailor their data protection compliance according their indutry.

    This 1-day advanced course will explain the key legislative points relevant to your industry. Scheduling of this course will be determined by demand from ECDPO Programme students. For more information please contact training@ics.ie

    ECDPO  7 Understanding Data Protection by Design & Default

    Data Protection by Design is an approach to system design which takes privacy into account throughout the whole design process.

    This 1-day advanced course explains the concept of 'Privacy by Design' and how your organisation can include the safe development of data systems by taking into account your responsibilities as data processor/controller and your responsibility to data subjects.

    ECDPO  8 Records & Policy Management

    With the rapid growth in data storage solutions, many organisations no longer see data retention as a high-cost item. They therefore retain manual and electronic records indefinitely.

    But with this comes increased exposure to the risk of data loss, unauthorised access, and ultimately, reputational damage.

    This 1-day advanced course will enable you to assess the following elements:

    • Records Management Audit: Do your organisation's records management policies and practices meet regulatory and legislative obligations?
    • Electronic Document and Records Management System: How do you select and manage your organisation's Electronic Document and Records storage solution?
    • Reduction of off-site storage costs: Enable your organisation to analyse current cost and service offerings and learn best practice for vendor selection of records management procurement solutions.

  • Benefits

    This programme will enable you to fully meet the legislative requirements as a Data Protection Officer under EU GDPR. Use the knowledge you have gained about data protection legislation to make influential changes to your organisation’s data protection policies, helping you remain competitive and compliant. This will increase your organisation’s confidence in its ability to:

    • Protect and manage data
    • Interpret contemporary legislation in the specific areas of data protection
    • Implement a data protection framework within your organisation
    • Design, complete and report on major data protection projects which may be required to enhance your organisation’s positioning within the sector
    • Justify the rationale behind recommendations in relation to data protection
    • Maintain, develop and apply Data Protection best practice
    • Professional Designation

    Members who complete the European Certified Data Protection Officer Programme, and who commit to completing Continuing Professional Development hours, will be entitled to use the designation ECDPO – European Certified Data Protection Officer.

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